"When the Bough Breaks" Review

A multi-genre film which diverges from the typical drama-thriller, When the Bough Breaks leaves viewers with unsatisfied emotions and many unanswered questions. When a couple is cursed with their worst nightmare, their dream of starting a family of their own is no longer a possibility. To achieve what they most want, they turn to their last resort, a surrogate, who turns out to be far from what they had expected. When the Bough Breaks grabs the audience’s attention with constant unexpected events that keep you guessing on what’s to come.

Laura (Regina Hall, Think Like a Man) has wanted nothing more than a child of her own, but after three miscarriages, becoming pregnant is unlikely. Her loving husband John, (Morris Chestnut, Kick-Ass 2) gives nothing but encouragement and moral support to his wife. Realizing that a surrogate mother is the most practical option, Anna Walsh is selected by the couple to carry their baby. Anna Walsh (Jaz Sinclair, Paper Towns) presents herself as a perfect temporary mother to Laura and John’s future child, but Anna’s original intentions as a surrogate quickly take a turn, and present a personality that John and Laura have yet to witness.

Morris Chestnut embodies the loving and wholehearted character of Laura’s husband, John Taylor. He is the deeply devoted husband with exuberant emotion, and such a personality makes their spousal relationship heartwarming and sentimental. Contrasting with his role in Kick-Ass 2, Chestnut portrays a character of a very different style; but in both films, successfully embodies the role.

Director Jon Cassar sets viewers up to be on the edge of their seat throughout the movie. From the perfect fit of suspenseful music to the action shots Cassar provides, the film gives viewers a whole new perspective  that combines romance with thrill. Cassar keeps viewers interested with unsuspected character plot twists and chilling thrills. He gives a different mindset on how having a surrogate can end up to be the worst nightmare for John and Laura. Cassar’s actor and actress’ choices fit each character perfectly from humble John to crazed Anna Walsh.

The movie does disappoint as it leaves you with many questions and not enough closure to the storyline.  As the plot of a crazed surrogate developes, the events start to spiral out of control losing their realistism.  Through it all, the positives did outweigh the negatives, and Cassar’s character development left audiences in awe.  Anna progressed from being an innocent young women to the psychotic girl, and the surprise did not fail to intrigue viewers and leave them with chills.

When the Bough Breaks certainly gives viewers the a eerie feeling, which contrasts well with the warm love of John and Laura. The many plot twists and unexpected events make this movie one worth seeing. Well-developed character roles makes When the Bough Breaks a thrilling movie that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats.

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