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Trent Scott:

Index Advisor

This is Mr. Scott’s 24th year of advising the Index. During those years, he has seen technology evolve from the darkroom to digital photography, from waxing down pages to uploading to the web site and from a tabloid format with clip art to a professional newspaper look and layout. The one aspect that has remained constant, however, has been the quality of staff members and the sanctity of production hours spent feasting, talking, bonding and occasionally working. Leaving a career in journalism to gain his certification to teach English, Scott has pursued a circuitous and ironic career path. When he is not teaching or advising the paper, he spends time with his wife and two girls, watches his beloved Packers and (when time allows) shoots a few zombies or plays Madden. Index4Life!

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Addy barber:

What's up Dog? I'm Addy and this is my first year as an editor on the web squad along with the other web homies. I'm so pumped to be here but when I'm not creating for index, I'm doing really cringe things for the sake of comedy, hitting the books hard, or doing lots of horse stuff. I'm also a huge fan of chicken tenders and sun glasses.

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ZAde alzoubi:

Hello, I’m Zade, and I am the Sports Editor this year. When I’m not at school I’m either doing homework, playing soccer with my friends, or watching soccer games. Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind it's tearable.


Ashlyn Casey:

Hi ya'll! I'm the managing editor for this year's Index! I've been an editor for three years now and only regret it sometimes. Army B.R.A.T. all the way, headed out of Oshkosh after this year, so here's to savoring the moment. Big ol' fan of anything unhealthy and/or unnecessarily time consuming (lookin at you ao3). I'm giving you my best guys, so for gods sake at least open the newspaper.


Isabella Gabavics-Anderson

Hey pals, I am a junior this year, and I am also a Features editor with my bud Joe. I enjoy reading and writing, and watching a lot of Netflix but I also spend lots of time with my friends and family. My room’s clean but sometimes my life's a mess. I run on Bachelor Nation and Diet Pepsi and I'm looking forward to a fantastic year.


Payton willis:

I’m Payton and I’m on web squad. This is my first year on Index and my first year being a Web editor. My hobbies include drawing, photography, & writing very cryptic Instagram captions… Yee haw, Ya’ll better read this paper.


Nithya Ambati:

Hey guys! My name is Nithya Ambati and I'm the Production Editor for this year! I'm the girl that just says "here" right away when new teachers stare at the attendance list for longer than a minute. When I'm not proofreading for the Index, you'll find me taking pictures, playing music, or taking walks with my family.


Emma olson:

Hey guys! My name is Emma Olson and I am a Community Editor this year! I'm so happy to be a part of Index and the amazing, and a little bit crazy, Index staff. A couple things you should know about me are, I'm a Disney freak. I also love to read and write, sing with my choir fam, and hang out with my friends & family. I have an adorable dog named Dusty and have a twin sister (who is the graphics editor), and a cute little brother. I am looking forward to another fun year!


aspen oblewski:

Hi! I'm Aspen and I'm one of the entertainment editors this year. When I'm not ripping every new album release into shreds or yawning at the clichés in recent horror movies, you can find me writing, listening to 90s girlgroups, and catching up on Good Mythical Morning episodes.


Keertha na


Hey everyone! My name's Keerthana and I'm one of the community editors this year! In my free time you can find me reading, hanging out with friends and family, or baking tasty treats that I usually end up eating all by myself. I'm looking forward to being on the Index team this year and getting to know the other editors!


Amiliana Roa

hello !! i’m Amiliana and i am a photography editor. whenever i’m not editing photos you can find me either watching movies or listening to my vinyls. wallows is my muse

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Hi! My name is Akash (don't even try to pronounce my full name) and I'm the News Editor this year. In my free time I like to go outside and get some exercise, read books, and play video games - nothing too special. I'm really looking forward to working with the other editors and writers to create another award-winning paper this year!


paul lacosse:

Hey I'm Paul and I made Addy write my bio for me because I’m too busy listening to High School Musical and country music. Thanks Addy, you’re the best. Also, do not look at my hand, also I’m the entertainment editor


Hannah Olson:

Hey I'm Hannah, the Graphics Editor for this year. You can find me playing the flute in the West Band, or playing soccer in the spring. I also enjoy art and other activities that bring out my creative side. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering, babysitting & spending time with family & friends . I look forward to being an Editor this year and getting to know the other members of Index.


Mikayla Heath:

Hey guys I'm Mikayla and I am one of the Index managing editors along with one of the business editors! With this being my second year in Index I am very excited to work with all of the new editors along with all of the new staff. When I am not in the Index office I am most likely working on something else for another club; I like to be very involved. Index has been a great experience and I hope everyone makes an effort to try it out at least once!


Simran Gandhi:

Hey guys!! It's Sim and I'm a senior photography editor. Yes, it is Gandhi like THE Indian Gandhi. I'm a smoothie and fruit punch connoisseur. I LOVE to be happy and travel and laugh, but when I'm not, I'm probably complaining about pretty much everything (: GO WILDCATS YAY!


Victoria Chanez:

Hi there! I am Victoria Chanez AKA Vikky Chainz. When I am not editing the Outdoors section, you can find me enjoying the actual outdoors or on the tennis courts. Somehow I became known as “Vikky Chainz” by the other Index editors...thanks Daniel...




Hey! I'm Annabelle and I am one of the ___(number)___ ___(adjective)____ managing editors for our newspaper. This is my second year on the editing staff, and after a year of features stories I'm ___(emotion)___ to have become your spread editor. Open up the paper and you'll see my __(noun)___ in the center pages. Outside of school, I'll be ___(verb ing)__, ___(verb ing)__, or ___(action ing)__. If I'm not at production, you can find me at ___(location)___. Catch me stress eating or ___(verb ing)___ in _____(location)____ while listening to _____(adjective)____ ___(music genre)___.




How’s it going, i'm Jack the Advertising editor this year and master of dad jokes. I like chicken and watching The Office. What does a nosy pepper do? It gets Jalapeno business.


Joseph Mayo

Bio: Hey! My name is Joe and I am one of the features editors this year. I like playing baseball, bowling, listening to music, and writing. I'm very excited for another great year of Index!

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Jacob Collins

Hey, I'm Jacob, and I'm an editor on the web squad. When I'm not working on something for the Index, I'm usually doing homework, playing video games, or playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends(yeah, yeah, I'm a nerd).