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                                                                                  Presidential election 2014-2015 

                                                                                  Presidential election 2014-2015 

The future is in YOUR hands.....who will you choose?

We asked the candidates to answer a simple question: Why do you think you should be class president?

Ben Adams: "I have a lot of good ideas to give Freshman more rights and change the six chair policy in the O room". 

Nate Kiraly: "I think I should be class President because this last year has been a year of inaction and there are many problems at this school that have not been addressed, last year Dave Mathers said he was going to fix the O room chair issue, but failed". 

Jacob Landgraf: "I believe I am a good leader and I think I can represent the school well, and also represent the students opinions". 

Dave Mathers: "I have formulated different proposals for this summer, one of which consists of the court yard, looking to expand the amount of people that can go out there, and to enhance student governments role on the school, focusing on students needs". 

....Choose wisely or the consequences could be dire....

Voting is from April 11th- April 17th, through Gmail.

We have issues, volumes of them.