VMA's Review

The VMA’s are one of the most popular award shows in the celebrity world, and being nominated in a category is an extremely big deal. With similar prestige of the Grammy’s or Emmy’s, it is a can’t miss event. Focusing on the more visual aspects of music, viewers can expect nothing less than the best of the best. Adding to the excitement, the flashy costumes and elaborate set designs create larger-than-life performances that leave viewers in awe. The anticipation of the awards, on top of the jaw dropping styles of veterans such as Beyoncé and Video Vanguard recipient, Rihanna steal the show and counterbalance the substandard performances.

The VMA’s, or Video Music Awards, house some of the most memorable moments in award show history including none other than the infamous Taylor Swift-Kanye West scandal and Miley Cyrus Gone Wild. The show’s debut happened in 1984 at none other than Radio City Music Hall, where 11 of the 32 shows have been held. It’s awards all shine the spotlight on how artists utilize their videos to bring their music to life. As it celebrates such aspects of the entertainment industry, The Chainsmokers, Beyoncé and Rihanna were called to the stage to solidify their spot at the top.

Let’s talk Chainsmokers. Their new hit song “Closer” ft. Halsey quickly shot to the top of the charts. But their vocals? Let’s just say that auto tune is truly a great thing. Halsey on the other hand SLAYED! Her voice was amazing, but nothing could take our attention away from her crop top showing off underboob. Some may say it was too much but she totally pulled it off. Our TV screens weren’t the only thing smoking after this performance. Halsey’s smokey eye was stunning, and with her sparkling wardrobe she truly shined. You go girl. The two also shared some intimate moments, during the chorus which has us all rooting for team Andrew and Halsey. While the performance was brilliant, nothing can compare to Queen Bey.

Beyonce was nominated in eleven categories. Eleven. Most of which, she actually won. She was nominated multiple times for her song “Formation” which she performed at the fiftieth super bowl. She was also nominated for the best female video of the year award for her song “Hold Up” but did she deserve to win in that category? The video showed a message of how to deal with being cheated on. On the contrary if someone cheats on you, are you really going to smash a car window and a fire hydrant with a baseball bat? Most of us would handle the situation a bit more mature…a bit. That being said, Beyonce is a very favorited artist in her field of expertise, and we can all agree that she truly deserves the title “Queen Bey”, but did her song “Hold Up” deserve the best female video of the year award? Her performance was stellar as she sung her album “Lemonade”. She had an array of backup dancers and costumes to aid her performance as well as a baseball bat which she used to smash a camera out of someone’s hands. Anything can happen at a Beyonce performance. Even a booty shake.

Acknowledging the many hits which have earned her the name of Video Vanguard recipient,  she sang many of her hit songs, including an exceptionally amazing mashup of “Stay”, “Diamonds”, and “Love on the Brain”. Reminding people everywhere with her gorgeous vocals why she’s one of the brightest stars around. All four of her performances dazzled fans with her extremely soulful renditions, giving everyone goosebumps, and a chance to relive her best moments. Like Beyonce she was nominated in more than one category, however she only won for her collaboration with Calvin Harris on “This is What You Came For”, under best male video of the year. Rihanna usually goes all out with her background and the VMA’s were no exception. She created a ‘shabby chic’ stage setting with the use of an elaborate chandelier, drapes and cloth scattered around the stage and a white piano.

    Controversy over which queen won over her subjects generated much suspense as millions tuned in to view the battle. The VMA’s dominate the music industry for yet another year with A-list celebrity appearances and extravagant performances that will be difficult to top in following years. The Flawless delivery of “Lemonade” from Beyonce herself paired alongside Rihanna’s powerful and angelic mosaic of music, rectify the not-so-hot displays from the night and make the 2016 VMA’s definitely one for the books.


Grade: A-

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