Dear "Scared and Despaired"

Dear Mulligan,
This happened to me just the other day
After my math final with Mr.Lasee
I found that as soon as I went to speak
Every utterance and vowel pronounced me a freak
For as you can see every now and then
I am stuck rhyming in speech and in pen
So if you could help me dear Mulligan, my friend,
That would certainly be an effort to praise and commend

I have found that therapy works quite well

For times when your speech is not very swell. 

Have you tried meditation or seeing a masseuse? 

Maybe reading a book (but not Dr. Seuss!)

As you can see I am currently suffering

From the same disease that you have been muttering.

If all else fails, my advice to you

Is to join the Index - we have issues too!


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