Dear "Marco Mengoni"

Dear Mulligan, how can you fix a procrastination problem?

Many of us have fallen prey to the siren song of waiting till the last minute to get things done, but fear not! A great place to start is using a planner or sticky notes to write everything down! You could also take 5 minutes a day and think about your schedule ahead of time, planning out what needs to be done day by day. Speaking from personal experience, writing your entire paper the night its due and turning it in at 11:58pm is often way more stressful than working on it a little at a time! Enlisting the help of friends to work on a class together will often make it enjoyable (as long as you're actually working). As an added bonus, turning off your cellphone when studying works wonders on your time management. 

Now, if that doesn't help, the only thing you can do at this point is accept defeat. Good luck!

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