Finding Bigfoot: Oshkosh Edition

Each culture has their own creatures that cause things to go bump in the night, but here in America, there is one whose fame has grown to such extraordinary height that he (or she) has obtained their own show. This elusive creature is none other than Bigfoot, the tall and hairy. But just where did this majestic creature come from? And why is he (or she) always hiding? Well today, the answers will be revealed. To the belief of senior Courtney Vandenheuvel, Bigfoot is only a distant cousin to the human race.

“I think Bigfoot’s parents are apes because, if Bigfoot would be a (real) thing, he would be the missing link between apes and people,” she said.

Although, according to Myth and Legends teacher Aaron Heller, he believes the origins of Bigfoot are closer to home.

“I think secretly Mr. Stack and Michelle Obama are Bigfoot’s true parents,” he said.

English teacher Brian Phelps has a more thought provoking idea of how the myth of Bigfoot truly started.

“Urban legends develop as an attempt to explain the unexplainable, to give justified reasoning to fears or other natural abnormalities,” he said. “Often, they embody our desire to simultaneously know and remain in mystery, a necessary paradox to our ontological presence. There must be that which exists outside of our provability to drive us onward.  Consequently, we never really wish to find Bigfoot, but to always be looking for him.  In that way, these urban legends serve as symbols of a sort of longing--whether it be for scientific progress, religion, or other philosophical reaches.”

Senior Chris Lou believes there is a simpler explanation to how Bigfoot first came upon this earth.

“Someone probably saw my friend Sean McLaughlin walking in the forest (I feel it was probably some crazy person with schizophrenia) and said ‘oh my God you have to see this’, to their friends,” he said. “Then to prove themselves sane, they probably made a picture and that is why there are so many Bigfoot pictures out there.”

Senior Max Arps thinks he know the perfect habitat where Bigfoot can thrive.

“Bigfoot totally hides out in Asia because nobody looks in Asia and so he’s safe there,” he said.

Heller believes that Bigfoot is a little closer to home than people would like to believe.


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