Six Flags: An Expedition Into Physics

On Wednesday May 31, a few clubs and classes interested in the exploration of physics and its applications to a world outside of the classroom ventured to Six Flags amusement park, furthering their knowledge of physical concepts. Classes and clubs that were invited to go include Pre-Calc, Physics, CAPP Physics, Math Team, and AP Statistics, all of which issued their students some form of homework testing the comprehension of class. On the day, there was an electricity of excitement around the possibility of riding the Joker, a new ride which involves free swinging seats, flipping the passengers while taking them into freefall and up steep passages. Other than that ride, there was no more than a 30 minute wait for any ride in the park, with some walking straight onto main attractions like Raging Bull. For lunch students were invited to bring a lunch and encouraged to bring money for any snacks or toys that may catch their eyes. With multiple kiosks set up around the grounds, Dippin’ Dots were a hit with the cooling they provided on the close to 80 degree day. In review of the day, satisfaction was guaranteed to any who entered with the short wait time and the expansive list activities to take part in, even if there was a little bit of classwork to go with it.