Sixteen and 16: The Best Social Media of the Senior Class

Top 16 Tweets of Senior Year

#16) In the midst of the great Homecoming debate, Matt Rebholz perfectly defied tensions with this comedic tweet. As the son of a Wildcat school nurse, Rebholz practiced his civic duty and protected Wildcats like President Ashleigh Kent from their latex foes. Dynamic in nature, this tweet received widespread support from both sides of the debate and united the class of 2016… but only temporarily.

#15) Perhaps an audience of Lord of the Rings has the opportunity to watch behind the scenes footage, but for Wildcats interested in this year’s musical Beauty and the Beast this failed to be the case. Luckily, Camille Zahn tweeted out this gem for anyone interested in the nitty gritty details of the production. Featuring Chris Rost’s photoshopped head on the original Gaston, Zahn blessed her followers with a hardy chuckle.

#14) In under 140 characters, Jake Esson managed to sum up an entire holiday. Instead of family, football, and turkey, seniors faced the most abused question in the history of family reunions. While Esson’s avatar may display the number 30, this tweet comes in at 14.

#13) When Homecoming week finally arrived, the class of 2016 had a legacy to protect. As the former hallway decorating champions, the seniors faced a challenge with the theme of Zeus. Despite losing to the devilish juniors (Hades), the seniors put feud aside to ignite lighting in the hallways and combine their heads in the clouds.

#12) When social studies teacher Matthew Mauk came to West in 2012, he instantly became a senior class favorite. Always wearing the flighest outfits, Mauk shames both students and staff alike in the fashion department. Although Tana “JungMoney” Jungwirth’s tweet may have went under the radar, greatness needs to be appreciated.  

#11) Pouncing on early opportunities, the boys basketball team (2-0) clashed with Kaukauna in an F.V.A showdown. Packing Steven L. Randall Court, the Wildcat pride shined through a tough loss. In this tweet Fans captured the jocund insanity of the senior dominated section.  

#10) On the other end of the spectrum, Noah Schmidt reminded his followers of a historic senior season. After having their lone win cut by ‘papergate’, this year’s football team suffered plenty of injuries and an 0-9 record. While it broke many senior hearts, athletes like Schmidt made light of it as he created this absolute gem.

#9) Spencer Henke shed light on a little known phenomenon called the Stenz-Bailey industrial complex. In Bill Stenz CAPP Chemistry course, his kids were only tested three times a semester- each exam counting as 11 percent of their overall grade. Meanwhile Doris Bailey’s CAPP Calculus tests almost always landed on the same day, leaving students in the academic guillotine. No one exactly understands how the two profit from this complex, unless suffering has a hidden monetary value.

#8) Correct- Rebholz is on here twice, but with good cause. Besides the fact that it’s simply a good tweet, he utilizes two fantastic social media strategies. For one, Rebholz types every last word in caps to generate a screaming effect. But more importantly Rebholz’s throws in the best hashtag of the year, #THEYCALLMEISAACNEWTON. This tweet offers brilliant creativity to a topic no one should care about.

#7) Offering a long lunch hour as an incentive, administration challenged the student body to not damage Chromebooks for an entire week. However, this failed miserably and became a common joke in the hallways and classrooms. Even PR officer Taylor Johnson couldn’t help but laugh at the debacle during announcements, which lead to this blazing tweet. Also one should note the perfect choice of emoji. Overall, this is a solid tweet.

#6) Occasionally Twitter explodes into a wildfire. During the ridiculous drama of Fans vs non-football sports, Colin Bores- a four year three sport athlete- dropped an unforgettable tweet. Bores didn’t just burn everyone partaking, but roasted the absurdity of the entire conversation. While traditionally a more reserved Twitter user, Bores surely raised the bar on this occasion.

#5) With the dropping out of Senator Marco Rubio, Americans faced an unimaginable possibility- a GOP ticket featuring Donald Trump. Luckily, a quick witted Colin Kerrigan relieved stress levels by adding this dime to timelines. Both ingenious and hilarious, this tweet deserves its spot at number five.

#4) If a single tweet could define a person’s entirety, here it is and it’s tremendous. He may not be the most suave guy around, but this is classic Connor Miller. It’s a simple mix up scenario, but so much more. It took Miller almost an entire day to realize a fairly obvious fact, and close sources report that he continued to eat the puppy chow- what a derp. If this isn’t worthy of it’s spot, nothing is.   

#3) It’s impossible to decide what’s the most impressive aspect of this tweet. For starters, the timing was unreal. After Johnson’s mistake, Carlin Munsch jumped on the opportunity within three hours. Next, the use of photoshop perfectly presents the joke. With Kevin Wachholz featuring as the mallet, every senior would love to take a whack at this joyous game. And finally, the attention to detail is very impressive. Munsch incorporates the Golden Gopher, referring to Johnson’s future home, the University of Minnesota. All in all, this is a golden tweet.  

#2) Optimistic? Sure. Random? Definitely. Funny? Absolutely. Having zero relations to the mysterious “Victoria”, one can only imagine what these Snapchat conversations look like. Somehow Tess Seering constantly tackles the most outrageous material and always makes it work. If there was a MVT (Most Valuable Twitter), it would righteously belong to Seering.

#1) Most birthdays consist of family, friends, and a cake. When Kenzie Heun turned 18 she took an alternate route, attending a Logic concert at The Rave in Milwaukee. While most renditions of the song “Happy Birthday” leave the individual feeling alienated and awkward, Heun experienced something totally different.


Top 16 Pictures and Videos

Now for the top 16 pictures and videos to sum up the complete four years of the Class of 2016. Since these are in no particular order, we are going to let you sit back and reminisce through the years.


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