Student body politics

 Everyone who possesses an account on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, or any other domain associated with social media has witnessed them: debates, arguments, blunt opinions limited by 140 characters or the simple fact that it's all stated via screen. Social media has acted as the catalyst of this generation’s political interest and activism. Hashtags have captured opinionated political messages on hotly-contested issues, such as "#handsupdontshoot" and "#iftheygunnedmedown", both connected with the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. While this platform has offered a megaphone to anyone with internet access and a solid stance, has it shrunk the stature of conversation? Can a fully informed, well processed, and eloquent discussion occur within 140 characters limiting outside information? We discussed the impact social media has had on political opinions with students and educators.

    What do you think? Has social media had a positive impact on political interest and educated discussion? Start your own debate in the comments below.

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