Heredia hits goals in taking FVA honors

Leading the varsity soccer team to a 17-1-1 record, junior Edgar Heredia has added another trophy to the case after winning FVA Player of the Year honors.  With another year of eligibility still on the horizon, Heredia has shown great skill both on and off the field. Beyond his scoring acumen, he has led by example through fundraising efforts to benefit the entire team. Also a leader on the wrestling squad, Heredia’s growth since his days as a freshman member of the soccer varsity team has been a pleasure to watch for Head Coach Matt Callahan.

“Edgar has grown a lot. He had a few goals his freshman year, around 20 last year and 47 goals this year,” he said. “As a person, Edgar has always been great to coach. He is very personable, very humble, and very hard working.”

Heredia’s growth from a freshman to today not only demonstrates his talent, but also foreshadows skills that may take him far in the future.

“Since being a freshman playing at the varsity level, I have grown and seen great improvement in different aspects,” Heredia said. “I have learned how to be stronger on the field, using my body to beat opponents to the ball…and now I am a stronger leader than I was two years ago. My athleticism has grown a ton as well.”

In the eyes of sophomore Aidan Salzer, Heredia was a huge asset to the team’s success this season. As a striker, Heredia still helped out on all parts of the field, showcasing his great determination to win.

“Edgar was a big part of our midfield. He was the cheese to the macaroni of our team and was always on his game,” he said. “He would pick other players up if they weren’t playing well.”

Salzer looks to Heredia as his main role model in his personal athletic career.

“If I could

describe Edgar in three words, it would be motivated, dedicated and humble,” he said.

Heredia’s talent drove the team’s nearly undefeated season, riding individual goals to the ultimate measure - team success.

“Edgar has a huge impact on our team; when we were in tight games, Edgar would often step up and score some goals to help us win,” Callahan said. “Edgar scored a goal in every game this year except two, which shows how much of an impact he had.”

Sophomore Henry Foust looks up to Heredia not only as a soccer player, but as a strong leader in his sports. Foust, a prominent wrestler, looks to Edgar for guidance throughout the winter season as well.

“ I’ve looked up to Edgar as a soccer player, wrestler and a person,” he said. “He always brings this positive vibe to any sport he plays and he has a gift that I would like to acquire one day.”

Unlike other athletes, Heredia’s biggest motivator is someone close to him personally, and he strives at each game to show her what she means to every part of his game, both on and off the field.

“My mom is the reason I push myself to be the best I can,” he said. “She has done so much for me  and she is always there supporting me at my high school games. One day I will be able to give my mom whatever she desires with my hard work and dedication. My mom has helped me become a better person.”

With great success in his high school athletics, Heredia aims to continue his athletic career after he leaves West. Though not a determining factor, Heredia has high standards for his future athletic career and will keep all options on the table in making college selections.

“I do want to continue playing soccer after high school whether it’s college or straight to a professional team. I have big dreams that I want to live and big goals to achieve so I will keep pushing myself to be the greatest I can be,” he said.

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