Zooloween Boo scares away October blues

As temperatures suggest that summer is here to stay, the Menominee Park Zoo reassures that Halloween is right around the corner with their 15th annual Zooloween Boo event. On October 21, the zoo hosted families and sponsors from all over the community in order to raise money for several different causes. According to city of Oshkosh parks department revenue facilities manager Jenny McCollian, the event is put on for the community’s best interest.

“Fifteen years ago we created Zooloween Boo as a fundraiser for the Menominee Park Zoo to help raise money for future exhibits in the zoo as well as support educational programming,” she said. “We also wanted to have a safe, and fun Halloween event that families can enjoy together.”

For first time event participant Laurie Fuller, she values this community event as a time where she can enjoy a day with her family.

“This is our very first time that we have come to this event, and it’s because we thought it was a beautiful day and something wonderful for families,” she said. “I think it’s a good thing to encourage families to be together.”

With interactive events for people of all ages, many families were able to come together to enjoy a Halloween themed day at the zoo.

“Zooloween Boo offers a large variety of events for the young and old,” McCollian said. “We have trick or treat stations, games, crafts, contests, bounce houses, entertainment, concessions, candy, candy, and more candy.”

These different sources of entertainment have contributed to the increasing success of the event, and have also attracted many different business, organizations and volunteers to get involved. For junior Megan Rabe, it was her first year volunteering for the event, and she did this through the leadership class at West.

“I am volunteering through my leadership class this year,” she said. “I really wanted to volunteer at this event because I heard it was a lot of fun previous years. My favorite part of the day was talking to the little kids as they played in the bouncy houses and seeing them in their costumes.”
This family friendly event brought people from all over the community, especially children, to enjoy the day at the zoo.

“I think the Zooloween Boo is unique in the fact that it has so much to offer for a minimal fee,” McCollian said. “It is affordable for families to come down for the day and enjoy time together. I also think it is a great value for what the kiddos are able to do once they are in.”

Not only is this event beneficial for families looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, but according to McCollian, this event brings attraction to the zoo and the city of Oshkosh as a whole.

“The fact that we have a zoo in the Oshkosh area is a huge benefit to the Oshkosh community in itself,” she said. “I believe this event brings awareness to the Menominee Park Zoo which in turn brings awareness to Oshkosh.”

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