Music Theater course returns to inspire

After a long hiatus, the introduction to music theater course has risen from the ashes to inspire students and offer a bright light to the darkness of everyday coursework. Providing a change of sonic pacing, students go in depth with the history of music productions and what it takes to perform one.

Perry Tipler’s Adam Minten enjoys teaching the class because it works as multiple subjects, the fine arts and history being the main ones. Senior Breah Ostertag agrees.

“I would say intro to music theater would be more like a literature class,” she said. “Last year in English, we were learning about movements in pieces, and now we are learning about movements in music theater from the 1900’s to today.”

Not just for experienced musicians, the course is also designed for those who are simply curious about the topic and interested in learning more about the outside world, according to Minten.

“It’s some students’ first time they are really learning about music; maybe they saw a show a year ago or something like that,” he said. “It’s really just a wide variety of people who may have past knowledge and also others’ first exposure to music theater.”

The class is made up of students from every grade level, each with his/her own reason for attending the class. Some want to pursue a passion for music in a positive environment, while others are looking at it as preparation for college and scholarship applications.

“Having other grade levels in your class gives you an opportunity to meet new people, and colleges look for very diverse people with diverse interests, so classes like music theater really give you a diverse transcript,” Ostertag said.

From exploring Broadway history to setting up a stage, intro to music theater is fits those seeking knowledge, fun, or both. It’s a relaxing class that still provides great learning oppurtunities and experiences for all students, according to freshman Brendan Rohloff.

“If you don’t like school or are stressed, this place is like a safe haven,” he said of the course and its ambience.

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