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Mrs. Rachel Maley

With a new school year comes new classes, friends, activities, and even staff. New English teacher Rachel Maley enters her career with a positive attitude and passion to get involved. Currently teaching a class of sophomore world literature and junior American literature, Maley is enthusiastic about digging into the curriculum.

“I’m really excited to start looking into other cultures and exploring our own culture with the students, which I’ve done a little bit so far,” she said. “It’s been interesting, and I’ve been really excited to get to know the students and how their culture impacts them.”

Maley is not only a teacher at school, but a volleyball coach after hours as well, having played multiple sports in high school including snowboarding, running, weightlifting and volleyball.

“Volleyball has been going on for about a month now and I’m very excited about that,” she said. “I love volleyball, because it’s always fun to watch the team and watch the girls, how they improve, and how they grow. It’s been awesome.”

As a Kaukauna high school graduate, Maley is not a complete newcomer to the high school sports scene. She also held a temporary teaching position at Holmen High School, instructing similar courses as she is now.

“I taught world literature and American literature,” she said. “I applied to do my student teaching there, so I was familiar with the district. I enjoyed being there; it was good.”

Although happy with her past, Maley is looking forward the future, near and far. When coming to a different district, fitting in with teachers is one thing, but creating relationships with students is a whole other task.

“I’ve been really impressed with the students and the staff. Everyone has been very supportive, and they have been very welcoming towards me,” she said. “There are staff members I feel like I can always go to if I have questions and the students too.”

Maley isn’t just a friendly face either. She has a lot of similarities with the average student, working all day, sports at night, and when she heads home, she settles down for an episode of her favorite show.

“I love Harry Potter, and I just finished How I Met Your Mother for the fourth time. I’m watching Friends and Grey’s Anatomy again,” she said.

After her quest to West, Maley is ready to take on the new year and curriculum with an upbeat rhythm and positive attitude.

“It’s been really awesome, I keep going home with a smile on my face.”



Ms. Janelle Galica

Also a new staff member in the English department, Janelle Galica fulfills a different role. Instead of the traditional teaching of the students, her position as literacy coach helps teachers and students equally.

“This year is unique, in that I don’t teach any classes. I support Mrs. Rubin in teaching two classes of applied literacy, but beyond that, my primary focus here is to help coach teachers in their practice,” Galica said.

Not only is it opportune that the unique position opened up, but also that it was in Oshkosh. Galica maintains roots in the area, and was eager to accept the offer.

“I’ve been looking to get into the Oshkosh school district for a while, because I grew up here, and I have family here too,” she said.

Galica holds more recent roots in the Fox Valley, with her last teaching job just 30 minutes away.

“Prior to being a literacy coach, I taught English in the Appleton School District for six years, and then this summer I finished up my master’s degree in literacy and language,” she said.

In the present, Galica has goals for her connections with staff and student alike, looking to expand her network and social interactions.

“The most important part of teaching and education is getting to know and build relationships with students, and as a coach, the same thing carries over to the teachers and relating to them,” Galica said.

Before entering her job field, Galica attended both undergraduate and graduate college, with a six year transcript.

“I started off at UW-Stevens Point, and then transferred to UW-Oshkosh for my undergrad, and then did my Master’s with UW-Oshkosh as well,” she said.

Though fairly advanced in her career, Galica is not only restricted to a studious past, but to athletics, clubs and culture.

“I played soccer, which was my longest and favorite sport, and I also was involved in musical theater and anything music and singing,” she said.

    Galica enjoyed her past activities, and looks to continue with getting involved with the school and its unique atmosphere.

“I’m interested to be involved in the culture of Oshkosh West, and I’m intrigued to find out about other sports and clubs too,” she said.

In the end, it comes down to the opportunistic nature of the catch, and the return to her past.

“I was very fortunate that a posting opened up in Oshkosh,” Galica said. “It’s good to be a Wildcat.”

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