Strut yo’ stuff: NYFW features fall fashion trends



Rihanna’s debut fashion line, as avant garde as the singer herself, included looks very reminicent of the early 2000’s.   If there is one message Riri sends through her work, it’s that art is meant to be as unpredictable as it is game-changing. Her usage of monochromatic jumpsuits, track pants paired with crop tops, and basketball-jersey-inspired dresses all made it clear that the sporty chic trend will surely be back to push boundaries, and dominate wardrobes.  




The popularity of a soft and vintage romance aesthetic has never ceased to exist within the world of fashion.  Zimmermann went so far as to circulate its entire collection around such a style, working in those 18-19th century vibes while maintaining modern silhouettes. Ruffles, lace, and floral textiles dominated this runway, proving the upcoming season will be one in which a soft asethetic will merge with powerfully structured frames.


Zac Posen


Embellished detailings are sneaking their way into practically every piece of every collection this season and for a good reason.  This textile-detailing technique can serve a number of functions: Whether a sequined embellishment works to elevate a look, or a tattered embellishment plays on the eyes’ perception of depth, its wide range of usage is sure to create drama in any outfit.




For its ready to wear fall collection, Balenciaga borrows from the boys, inverting gender roles while creating a refreshing new power look. Applying masculine silhouettes, with big shoulders and narrow waistlines both a common theme, the collection juxtaposes such chiseled construction with light pastel-colored textiles for a runway-dominating aesthetic.




Tie-dye and ombre seem to be terrifyingly outdated patterns of the past (am I the only one with painstaking memories of fourth grade fashion)? However, the domineer of upscale fashion, Marchesa, assures us the trend is back, and with vengeance.  Incorporating these chromatic themes into more high-end pieces, a never-before-seen look pairing brilliant colors with dramatic silhouettes will claim its place at the top of the fashion game.


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