"Reputation" Review

“Everything Has Changed” for Taylor Swift and the vindictive pop sensation is ready to stake her new claim in the music industry. When she first became famous in 2006, Swift was a sweet country girl who wanted the perfect “Love Story.” As the years passed and her fame grew, she drifted away from her country roots and embraced the breakup song template which has since shaped her public image. Now, Swift has once again taken a new direction, ditching her old style and hunting for revenge. Debuting this fresh image with her most recent single off her upcoming album, Reputation, “Look What You Made Me Do” shocked the world and received plenty of mixed feedback. However, after giving it another chance and really tuning in to the music, it is definitely a banger, and the music video assists in making it one of her most iconic songs yet.

Such a new route in her musical career has been praised by many, who recognize Swift’s intensity and boldness.

“I really like the part of the song where it slows down,” junior Syd Esslinger said, “It gets super intense.”

Others, such as senior Tiin Rabe, agree.  “‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is the perfect clap back song that can be applied to anyone’s life,” Tiin said.

Despite the depth and character to this song, some still aren’t sure how to feel about it.

“I miss the Taylor Swift that was riding shotgun with her hair undone in the front seat of his car. Her new song kind of sounds like the ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt’ song,” sophomore Zoe Slife said .

In fact, the song is so similar to “I’m Too Sexy” that Swift and the song’s producer, Jack Antonoff, credited the original singers, Fred Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass, and Rob Manzoli, as co-songwriters. Others simply just don’t like the sound of it.

“I think that it sounds horrible,” senior Jess Retzloff said. “It’s almost as if Taylor Swift was trying something new to spice up her career and keep it from being boring but just failed. The song is not catchy and has no real beat or point to it.”

Overall, Swift shocked everyone by dropping this diss track. People may say she is crazy for making a song and music video like this, but it is a pretty fair reaction for all of the drama and breakups she has gone through in the recent years. She should be applauded for all of the work she put into incorporating all of her beef into the music video. Now all there is to do is sit back and see if her enemies can just “Shake It Off.”

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