Netflix & Chill with Kynda and Jess

One Tree Hill:

This early-2000 drama captured the hearts of young adults upon it’s release in 2003, and continues to do so with it’s forever-lasting legacy brought upon by an enthusiastically loyal fan base.  Revolving around the extended conflict between long-lost brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill addresses the emotional burdens many young adults bear.  With nine seasons, the series does not fail to keep audiences intrigued by their devotion to lovable characters and shocking twists and turns.  Such a gripping plot still remains insanely realistic, including intense affairs and marriages; making the series one both intriguing and relatable to viewers of many ages.  This 2003 drama came to it’s conclusion in 2012, but will forever remain a must-watch for teens in need of a binge-worthy series.

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