Of All The Stars by Alex Henderson

The trees race by like horses on a track. They blur together like ink to water,

fading as I look through the car window on the passenger side. The sky paints a pretty

hue of lilac onto the glass and I let out a sigh. Jumbled words can be heard from the

person next to me. Their smirk and blazing blue eyes catches me back from my

thoughts. I look back at them and gaze upon their puzzled look when they mutter,

“Asylum Point’s pretty far away, huh?”

My voice catches in my throat and I sputter out, “Yeah, guess it is.”

I look back out the window, not wanting my nerves to get the best of me. The

road bumps and curves, jolting my body side to side when the car halts. Silence fills

what once held small words and my breath catches in my throat when I hear my door

open. I step onto the paved ground, its stones from the gravel crunch beneath my feet. I

look up to the sky, seeing its lights twinkle bright. I sigh looking back down again to

meet that same twinkle but in the eyes of blue. My cheeks heat up and tint darker. Not

noticing how long my gaze lingered till a smile spread across their face.

“You coming?” they ask as they usher me beyond the car. I step away as they

close the door. I grab my ukulele and make my way down a small path. Its narrow

stones and ever-growing moss cover the wood along it. The path widens slightly,

making way to a platform over the water. As I gaze out I see the moon, its color tinted

slightly blue from the water below. An arm makes its way around my shoulder, its

strength taking away the pit building in my chest. My breath slows back down to normal

and I relax, laying my head on their shoulder. Ukulele still in hand I rest the small

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