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Trent Scott:   

Index Advisor

This is Mr. Scott’s 23rd year of advising the Index. During those years, he has seen technology evolve from the darkroom to digital photography, from waxing down pages to uploading to the web site and from a tabloid format with clip art to a professional newspaper look and layout. The one aspect that has remained constant, however, has been the quality of staff members and the sanctity of production hours spent feasting, talking, bonding and occasionally working. Leaving a career in journalism to gain his certification to teach English, Scott has pursued a circuitous and ironic career path. When he is not teaching or advising the paper, he spends time with his wife and two girls, watches his beloved Packers and (when time allows) shoots a few zombies or plays Madden. Index4Life!



Katie Landolt:


 Editor in Chief


Katie is too lazy (maybe busy) to write her own bio!


Jared Erdman: 


AdS +     Business Editor


Greetings, my name is Jared Erdman and I am the Advertising and Business Editor this year. This is my second year as an editor after switching from the web squad. If I’m not selling those sick ads for the paper you can most likely catch me in the choir room or playing video games. Also, if I sound familiar there’s a reason.

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Maddy Smith: 




By the way, its a mango.


Mikayla Heath:   

News Editor


Hey I’m Mikayla and I’m co-editing the news section this year. You can find me playing tennis, studying, or working on things for any of the other clubs i’m in. After only writing last year, I am very excited to be an editor this year!


Kynda Alzoubi:  





For clarity's sake, the name is pronounced K-ih-n-dah... you know, like Lynda with a "K". Anyways, this is Kynda's second year carrying the Entertainment section on her back, considering what little help her co-editor, Jess, offers.*  When she is not at newspaper production, Kynda is either reading up on the latest fashion trends or plotting world domination.  No, seriously, she really wants to be a big shot politician… or the next Christian Dior… she can’t decide.

*disclaimer: Jess actually does help Kynda with the Entertainment section.  Kynda, however, enjoys throwing Jess under the bus for no evident reason


Aliza Hitz:


    Editor in Chief


Hey I’m Aliza and there are only 4 important things to know about me: 1) I think Luke Zangl's brownies are “Fricken Bae.” 2) When I eat carrots, I snack ‘em right out of the bag 3) I have a rare disorder where I am unable to recognize the appropriate times to use puns 4) I can fit 15 carrots into my mouth at once.




web Editor

When I’m not busy caffeinating myself to make it through the day, I’m either writing, making music, blogging, traveling the world, or in the middle of a photoshoot! If my blood hasn’t turned to pure espresso by this point, I’d be surprised…


Amelia Reed: 




Hey everyone! I’m Amelia and I’m the production editor this year. Basically, I’ll be proofreading a lot. (I refuse liability for mistakes found in the Index). In my free time you’ll find me crying because Derek Shepherd isn’t my husband or quoting every line of Friends. Also, my favorite food of all time is falafel and if you ever bring me some there is a 147% chance I’ll marry you instead of Derek.


Jack Buechel:


Graphics Editor


Hello everybody! My name is Jack and I am a free elf. Oh, I'm also the Graphics Editor. I can expertly sing any BeeGee's song at its exact pitch and just so you know, boiling hot dog juice is dangerous.




Sports Editor

This year I am the (only, and best) half of the sports editing team this year! You could say I am slightly obsessed with coffee and grizzly bears love me. I am most often found spending weeks on end in the middle of nowhere, or studying in the depths of the pillows on my bed #seniorszn.


Ashlyn Casey: 




The most massive book nerd on the planet. Actually a literal bibliosexual (only attracted to books). An avid follower of too many fandoms. Is slowly dying. Reasons: 5 o'clock swim practice, TLATB, eating way too many Pringles. When I inevitably descend into the void I want to be reincarnated as a duck. God save the turtles.


Daniel Seekings:


Opinions Editor

I like soccer and making fun of everyone. Call me lamb.

AnnabelLe Wojahn:   Features Editor

Hello! I’m Annabelle and I am a co-editor of the Features section along with Carly. After previously writing for Index, I’m excited to begin my first year as an editor. Outside of school, I’ll be at robotics or up at the cabin on weekends. My hobbies include running, playing piano, and stress eating.

Victoria Chanez: 


News Editor

Hi there! I am Victoria Chanez. When I am not co-editing the News section of Index with Annabelle, you can find me enjoying the outdoors or on the tennis courts. Somehow I became known as “Vikky Chainz” by the other Index editors...thanks Daniel... I'M A PART TIME RACCOON!


Jada Pieterick: Commun.




Hey my name is Jada Pieterick and I am (the better) half of the Community editors this year! I enjoy long walks on the beach and netflix binges! I am also pretty good at saving lives and stocking produce.


Jess Trembly: 

Entertain. Editor

Hey my name is Jess and I'm one of the Entertainment Editors this year! I spend most of my time crying over pictures of cute dogs, eating, napping and watching The Office or Parks and Recreation.


Caelyn Jischke:   

Web Editor


Hey guys! My name is Caelyn, and this is my second year being a part of the Web Squad. Chances are I’m at a concert or am binge watching Harry Potter. Also, I kinda, sorta, like this kid named Shawn Mendes.

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Carly ChandleR:Features Editor


Hey I’m Carly and I am one of the Features editors this year. I spend most of my time procrastinating, singing, eating, napping and being harassed by my friends (Please stop calling me Hot Mess).